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98.5 The Sports Hub Receives Marconi Award For Sports Station Of The Year

98.5 The Sports Hub received a prestigious award in the sports radio industry Thursday, bringing home the Marconi Award for Sports Station of the Year.

Wow. We've just been informed that 98.5 The Sports Hub just won the Marconi Award for Sports Station of the Year. Crazy. (via 98.5 The Sports Hub on Twitter)

98.5 The Sports Hub, the flagship station of the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins, first hit the air-waves on August 13, 2009 and was Boston's first FM all-sports station, and it competes directly with WEEI, which for years broadcast on 850 AM but made the switch to FM last week and now broadcasts on 93.7 FM.

The Marconi Award is presented by the National Association of Broadcasters to the best radio stations and hosts in the country. It is named after Guglielmo Marconi, who is credited as being the father of long distance radio transmission.