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'Bill Belichick: A Football Life' Premieres September 15th on NFL Network

Wow, wow, wow. Fans of the New England Patriots are in for a treat. NFL Network is set to debut its new series 'A Football Life' with an intimate two-part look into Pats head coach Bill Belichick. Here's the premise behind the new show, which is scheduled to air in mid-September:

On Thursday, September 15 at 9:00 PM ET, part I of Bill Belichick: A Football Life debuts exclusively on NFL Network with part II airing in the series' regular time slot of Thursday, September 22 at 10:00 PM ET. Belichick is the first subject of a new series by the Emmy Award-winning producers at NFL Films, offering untold stories into the lives of some the NFL's most recognizable icons. Each documentary provides unprecedented access to each featured individual to tell the story of how their legacy is forever intertwined in the fabric of NFL history.

"Bill Belichick doesn't only make history - he studies it; he understands his place in it; and he appreciates our desire to capture it," said NFL Films President Steve Sabol. "Like Vince Lombardi's Packers in 1967, Belichick and the Patriots gave us access to his football life and what we created is a portrait of the coach, the father, the taskmaster - and most importantly - the man."

In the 2009 season, which marked Belichick's 35th consecutive year in the NFL and the Patriots' 50th Anniversary season, NFL Films documented sides of the three-time Super Bowl-winning head coach few have ever seen. While his unmatched record as a head coach makes him no stranger to the NFL record books, Belichick made history in the production of A Football Life by becoming the only coach to ever be wired for sound for an entire NFL season.

"This documentary would not have been possible without the support of Robert and Jonathan Kraft and the entire Patriots organization," said Howard Katz, Senior Vice President NFL Media and COO of NFL Films. "Mr. Kraft is always searching for new ways to bring the fans closer to the game and this project was a perfect collaboration between the Patriots and NFL Films."

You can watch a stirring trailer for the show on the website.

One might have thought that Belichik would be the last person to give such unprecedented access, but the man underneath the hoodie is a historian of the game that apparently was happy to contribute to NFL Films' rich archives with this new, innovative series.

"It is beyond measure what NFL Films has done to promote football, preserve its history and entertain generations of us who love the game," said Belichick. "When the legendary coach of the NFL Films team, Steve Sabol, approached us about capturing our 50th anniversary season in 2009, it was an honor to participate."

As a Steelers fan, this is exactly the type of access I wished Mike Tomlin would give fans. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, I'll have to wait while you will get to enjoy getting to know more about the mastermind behind the Patriots' success this past decade.

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