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Patriots Vs. Lions: Lions Find Offensive Success Against Patriots In First Quarter

For the first time this preseason, the New England Patriots ran into trouble getting their offense started. At the close of the first quarter, they trail the Detroit Lions 10-0.

Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford has had luck connecting with his receivers, especially former San Francisco 49er Nate Burleson, with whom he connected for a touchdown.

The Lions defense has come out strong against the Patriots, including a hard hit against quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was unable to get too much going with his receivers early on. At the close of the first quarter, Brady and his offense were starting to find their rhythm and moved down the field to get them in position for a field goal attempt.

Brady has thrown for 64 yards so far this evening. Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis has run for 13 yards on six carries. Aaron Hernandez has amassed 33 yards receiving so far this evening for the Pats.

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