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Media Roundup: Who Is Apologizing For Albert Haynesworth?

Albert Haynesworth has a very shady background, but now that he's in New England, one football reporter says that Patriots' fans are apologizing for him. Bruce Allen says that simply isn't the case, and in fact, he hasn't heard anyone say that.

I will not apologize for Albert Haynesworth.

Some of the things he's done in the past are inexcusable. I can accept the Patriots bringing him in here on a low-risk, high-reward proposition, and while by no means ignoring his past, I'm willing to just see what he does here and hope he behaves himself.

But I'm not going to defend the guy for his past. I'm not going to make apologies and claim that he is now fully reformed, having repented and been baptized in the name of Belichick, Bob Kraft and Tom Brady.

I may not be making apologies for Haynesworth, but apparently "a lot of folks" up here are.

Thought this was a good take on Haynesworth -- whom a lot of folks are apologizing for up here -- from Boston Herald: than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


I have a question. Who are these people "apologizing" for Haynesworth? I haven't heard them. Apparently, "a lot of folks" are doing this, but I've yet to hear a single person "apologize" for Albert Haynesworth's past history. How would you do that, actually?

Also this week, Christopher Gasper of chimed in on the topic, writing:

Let me get this straight, Adalius Thomas and Shawn Springs are unforgivable scofflaws because they dare suggested Patriots coach Bill Belichick wasn’t infallible. But Albert Haynesworth, who since May has dealt with a road rage assault case that was dismissed after he reached "accord and satisfaction" with the accuser and groped a waitress, is a good guy who deserves a clean slate here, no questions asked? This just proves my theory that there are certain aspects of life -- sports, politics, and parenting -- where people override logic and fairness based on unwavering fealty.

So again, just who is saying that Haynesworth is "a good guy?" Anybody? Has anyone in New England actually said "Hey, Albert Haynesworth is actually a good guy, he deserves to have a clean slate here, with no questions asked." I sincerely doubt it.

Then again, that entire paragraph makes little sense. Adalius Thomas and Shawn Springs were "unforgivable scofflaws" because they were stiffs who could no longer play, and whose NFL careers ended the second they were released by the Patriots. These two gave questionable effort on the field while questioning a coach who has been in the league almost 40 years and being part of five Super Bowl Champions. If some are critical of them, I'm pretty sure they're not putting them in the same category as what Haynesworth has done in the past. The two situations are in no way comparable.

I guess there must be people out there who are calling Haynesworth a good guy and apologizing for his past behavior. I just haven't met or heard any of them.


Speaking of things no one is saying - can Tony Massarotti drop the notion that everyone around here is discounting the Yankees? Thanks.

Mike Felger insists that Mark Sanchez and the Jets are "in the Patriots heads." Outside appearances would make the opposite seem true. The Jets talk about the Patriots every chance they get, while the Patriots just go about their business.

So the Theo Epstein-to-the-Cubs was speculation from a media guy (albeit a very good one) which was then taken and run with by other media guys and reported as fact? I'm shocked. SHOCKED.

The Dennis and Callahan show had one of the most head-scratching callers in recent memory this week, as he labeled Adrian Gonzalez an overpaid bust, and questioned why the Red Sox made the deal for him in the first place. Sports radio has never been a haven for MENSA candidates, but this was bad even by their standards.