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New England Patriots Preseason 2011: Tom Brady Focuses On Tempo

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady told ESPN Boston Chris Forsberg that tempo will be the top focus for him as the Pats face the Detroit Lions in Week 3 of NFL Preseason action on Saturday evening at Ford Field.

"Tempo is always something we talk about," Brady said at his weekly Q&A with the media Wednesday at Gillette Stadium. "Coaches really think it's important. You get into rhythm out there and it's hard when you have a bad tempo, a slow rhythm to the offense. Guys are walking back to huddle, walking to line. You have a bad play and you're walking back to huddle. To me, when we get a good tempo, I like to keep the pressure on the defense rather than give them time to catch their breath. I really enjoy that. That's why I love being in the two-minute drill as well, it's mandatory fast tempo. You rush to the line of scrimmage, see the coverage, the ball snaps, you make throw, and you're right on to the next play. If we do that well, it can be a great strength for our team."

Brady found his rhythm for the most part in his preseason debut against the Tamp Bay Buccaneers last Thursday, completing 11-of-19 passes for 118 yards and two touchdowns in a 31-14 win for New England.

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