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Patrick Chung Talks Lockout, Golf And Bill Belichick

KarmaLoop TV caught up with New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung on the last day of the lockout as he enjoyed his last few minutes of "freedom" on the golf course, despite admittedly "sucking" at the game.

"We have to report at 6:30 tomorrow morning so I'm enjoying my last day of freedom before it's time to get back to work," Chung said.

Chung talked about the biggest difficulty of the lockout being the ability of players to remain in shape, but it was worst on the draftees, who are now forced to play catch-up, and quickly, since they weren't able to visit team facilities, meet team personnel or staff or view the playbooks until the lockout was lifted.

Chung also effusively praised head coach Bill Belichick, calling him a "genius."

For more of the interview and to watch Chung's less-than-average golf game in living color, check out Karmaloop TV's video.