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Chad Ochocinco Has More Klout Than Any Other NFL Player

No, seriously.

According to Klout's official blog, New England Patriots' wide receiver Chad Ochocinco rates highest among NFL players with a Klout score of 89

He ranks above Reggie Bush (second, 83) and Michael Vick (third, 81), among others; Tim Tebow ranks fourth with a score of 77, and perhaps the biggest shock of all is that Arizona Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald ranks eighth with a score of 75, tied with Aaron Rodgers and Tony Gonzalez. Nine of the top ten are offensive players; the Buffalo Bills' Nick Barnett (T-sixth, 76) is the lone defensive player on the list. 

It's not surprising considering OC's penchant for tweeting, although it does cause some concern because Klout is supposed to factor in presence on FourSquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, which - at least to my knowledge - our beloved new addition doesn't spend so much time on.

Of course, nearly 1.9 million Facebook Likes, 2.5 million Twitter followers and 288 OchoCinco News Network subscribers on YouTube (a pretty high number, considering not a whole lot of people subscribe to anything on YouTube) probably does make him pretty viable, doesn't it?

Now, if only there were a social networking site for Prius drivers...