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Jets Games To Be Broadcast On ESPN Radio LA

Because the world needs more people to root for the New Jersey Jets, 710 ESPN LA has reached an agreement with Gang Green to broadcast each of the Jets' games in the 2011 NFL season.

While Patriots, and maybe even some of the Jets' more sensible fans may oppose this fact, the truth is that it's a good sign for the game, which has been working hard at getting a franchise in Los Angeles since the Raiders left in 1994 because apparently Oakland was a more appealing locale.

(hint: that's not a very good sign)

Because the University of Southern California has the rights to the Coliseum, getting a team to LA would require that a new stadium be built, which has long been the snag for the city of Los Angeles in its battle to get a team back.

Now that there seems to be some serious momentum (and demand) for said team, the biggest hurdle is going to be where that team comes from; the NFL isn't looking to expand, and only one team - the Buffalo Bills - have dealt with any rumors of relocation, but those rumors have surrounded a relocation to Toronto, not the opposite corner of the country.