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Around The Hub: Tom Brady, Patriots Meet Jaguars & Red Sox Fall Short

Don't have a lot of time to catch up on all of today's Boston sports news? Around The Hub brings you the latest stories from all seven of our regional blogs covering the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Revolution, Boston College and UConn.

Patriots Vs. Jaguars: Five Things To Watch (Pats Pulpit) Words can't describe how excited we are. The return of Patriots football? What could be better? Bill Belichick and the Pats take on the Jags in their preseason opener on Thursday night at Gillette Stadium. Are you excited? If you aren't, well, get excited. Pats Pulpit has you covered.

Eight is Too Much: Lester and Pen Falter Late, Sox Lose 5-2 (Over The Monster) Jon Lester was fairing well through seven innings. Eight was just pushing it. Lester flaked and the Red Sox lost to the Twins, who avoided the sweep.

Bruins Organizational Report Cards 2010-11: Peter Chiarelli (Stanley Cup Of Chowder) This is an interesting one. If the Bruins' hadn't made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, many thought Peter Chiarelli would be canned. Well they did (and made it a lot further), and he's still here. What grade should he get? SCOC has the answer.

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Rajon Rondo vs. Tony Parker - Who Ya Got? (CelticsBlog) Well, this is an easy one. OK, fine, I'll take off my green-tinted glasses. But seriously, this is an interesting argument. Who would you rather have?

A Preseason Look At Projected Boston College Bowl Games (BC Interruption) The start of the BC football season is right around the corner, and our friend BC Hysteria takes a look at BC's projected bowl games.

Fight! Pasqualoni Suspends Player (Temporarily), Uses Word "Ruckus" Non-Ironically (The UConn Blog) Things aren't looking all too good in Huskies land. They're one football practice in, and there's already turmoil. Oh boy.

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