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Gus Johnson Makes NFL on FOX Debut October 2

While college basketball fans everywhere lament his loss (seriously, CBS, what on earth were you thinking?), Gus Johnson is prepared to move forward with his career. 

The man who made March Madness games world-famous merely by being present at them - okay, maybe some of the on-court action helped - will be covering football for FOX Sports, primarily as a college play-by-play guy, but he'll also do some work with the NFL, where he'll be partnered alongside Charles Davis.

Johnson makes his NFL on FOX debut on October 2nd, calling the Washington Redskins - St. Louis Rams game, which might be tough even for Johnson to make exciting. 

USA Today also reports that FOX has signed former New York Jets and Miami Dolphins quarterback and perennial Patriots-secondary-stat-booster Chad Pennington to do color for an undisclosed amount of games alongside Sam Rosen. 

Thanks to Sports Media Watch for the dish on Johnson.