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Gethin Coolbaugh Makes His Case To Be Chad Ochocinco's New Roommate

Chad Ochocinco, if you're looking for a roommate, then look no further. I think you'd enjoy staying with me and my family in Worcester county (not divulging my address for obvious reasons, but give me a call if you want it, Chad).

First, let's talk about what's important - location, location, location! On the outskirts of Worcester, there are plenty of places for you to go and hang out. Of course, Gillette Stadium is just a short trip down 495 (about 30 minutes or so, 45 at the most), 45 minutes from Boston and close to some beautiful and relaxing scenery in Western Massachusetts.

As for the basic requirements, I've got internet (I even have wireless internet). Now, I don't have an Xbox, but if you wanted to move in, you bet I'll go out an buy one (even an Xbox Elite - what new games do you want)?

As for your accommodations, you'd have your own floor in my house. Our house has a deck, a pool, tennis courts and plenty of things to do in the surrounding area. We even have a nice little 55" TV downstairs for you to watch yourself on SportsCenter. But most importantly, you'd be living in a hospitable environment with great people.

So what do you say, Chad, want to move in? We'd love to have you!