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Ex-Patriot Mike Vrabel Reportedly Headed To Ohio State University

Mike Vrabel may be ready to try on a new hat in his football career - coaching. According to a report, Vrabel is interested in a coaching job at Ohio State University, where he has ties.

"I think it's certainly something I'd be interested in under the right situation. I'd have to look and see when my playing career comes to an end and my involvement with the players association and being on the executive committee and being in that role." (via The Kansas City Star)

Vrabel is connected to the school through Luke Fickell, the new Buckeyes head coach who roomed with Vrabel during their college days at Ohio State. Despite Vrabel's interest, he hasn't heard anything from Fickell.

"No, Luke hasn't said he wants me on his staff," Vrabel told reporters in June. "Luke knows I still have time to play, and I'm traveling to Chicago or New York for meetings with the owners. Luke knows I've got a bunch on my plate right now.

Vrabel, a linebacker, has 505 career tackles, 11 interceptions and 19 forced fumbles (nine recovered) in his 14-year career. In eight seasons with the New England Patriots, Vrabel recorded 404 tackles and forced 13 fumbles in 125 games.

UPDATE: Mike Vrabel has reportedly retired, according to, and is likely to accept a coaching position at Ohio State, but the specific position is not specified.

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