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Patriots' First Day In Shells Starts With A Bang, Ends With Silence

After breakout seasons last year, it should come as little surprise to Patriots fans that the first hit of training camp came when Danny Woodhead collided with Brandon Spikes early in Saturday morning's practice, the first in which the team wore full pads. 

Of note, running backs BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris and rookies Ras-I Dowling, Nate Solder and Shane Vereen were not on the field for day four of Patriots camp. Green-Ellis is yet to sign his restricted free agent tender and will not be able to practice until he does. Albert Haynesworth was also absent.

Logan Mankins signed his franchise tender and was watching from the sideline, since he can't practice until August 4th, per the new CBA. 

A small fight broke out towards the end of practice between reserve linemen on both sides of the ball, but the practice's highlights undoubtedly involved Wes Welker - whose left-footed boot split the uprights during special teams practice - and Chad Ochocinco, who gave the media six minutes of his time before initiating a group hug. 

Ochocinco said to members of the media that he wouldn't be likely to say much - whether he meant on this particular day or over the next seven months remains to be seen - and that he was happy to "ride the wave."