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Chad Ochocinco Trade: Aaron Hernandez Gives Ochocinco No. 85

Chad Ochocinco can keep his last name after all (unless Bill Belichick tells him to change it back to Johnson), as Patriots second-year tight end Aaron Hernandez - who wore No. 85 last season - gave the number to Ochocinco.

Usually, when a player wants to keep their number on a new team but it's already taken, they will pay for it. It's not clear what, if anything, Ochocinco gave to Hernandez in exchange for No. 85. Hernandez will now wear No. 81.

Ochocinco was on site at Gillette Stadium on Friday, chatting with Tom Brady and his new teammates. Prior to his arrival at practice, he issued the following statement on Twitter.

"It's 1 thing to jump and be able to land on 2 feet but I had no idea I was landing in Heaven," Ochocinco wrote. "Hope all is well on this good Friday." (via

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