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Chad Ochocinco To The Patriots Done?

Chad Ochocinco indirectly informed us all via Twitter that he could be heading to the New England Patriots, confirming rumors that have circulated for months that have pegged the controversial receiver to the Pats. Here's the latest from NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk.

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is dropping hints that he'll be a Patriot.  And he's dropping the hints in a most unusual way.

James Shively (@JC_Shively) of Cincinnati has a Twitter page.  Earlier today, he complained about persistent rumors and reports that Ochocinco will be cut.

Wrote Shively:  "So much 4 @ochocinco getting cut by the #Bengals... Media dont know squat.  Always tryin 2 stir drama up."

Shively received a "direct message" from Ochocinco.  Said Ochocinco:  "Media knows nothing but I'm going to enjoy clam chowder."  (We've seen the screen shot of the message.)

Hopefully, these rumors are true. Talk about a great start to the offseason - adding both Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco/Johnson? A journalist can dream, can't he?