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Kraft Foods' Twitter Condolences Misguided

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Sending condolences via Twitter has become an acceptable substitute to sending cards or flowers, and why not? It's cheaper, less time-consuming and far more practical, because that way, the entire world can see just how caring you really are. 

Which doesn't really explain Kraft Foods' reiteration of condoling tweets directed at the Kraft family in the wake of Myra Kraft's death. 

The @KraftCoupons account, which, according to its page, is based in India. The company is headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, where Kraft foods was founded. 

Of course, the Kraft family is in no way affiliated with Kraft foods, which makes the whole thing that much more out of place. 

The tweets don't necessarily show a problem with social, as suggests, but rather an issue with the company itself, as it hasn't done anything to stop what seems to be a re-tweet bot operating in its company's likeness.