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NFL Lockout: Owners, Players Have Reportedly Reached An Agreement

Once again, the NFL Lockout could be coming to a close in a matter of hours. Owners approved a proposed CBA on Thursday, but players pushed off the vote until Monday due to uncertainty about the new deal.

Now, it appears that the owners and players have finally come to an agreement. According to multiple reports, including one from WEEI, both sides have agreed on a deal that should end the work stoppage.

Multiple media reports indicate that the players and owners reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement early Monday morning, pending the approval of the NFLPA executive committee and the players reps, which is expected to come later Monday. (via WEEI)

If the lockout does end on Monday, the expedited offseason could begin as soon as Tuesday, when team facilities could be opening, followed by training camp beginning Thursday and free agency starting after that.

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