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Patriots, NFL And Those Beyond Football Pay Respects To Myra Kraft

Hers wasn't a name known by many of the 70,000-plus who've packed the stands at Gillette Stadium for a decade now to cheer on their beloved Patriots

But it was a name whose reach was far greater than that of any perfect season or Lombardi Trophy could ever be. 

Myra Kraft passed away earlier this week, succumbing to a long battle with cancer that may have zapped from her her health, but never took away her passion for philanthropy. 

Friday afternoon, the NFL world - one that's become increasingly heated of late - took a break from its bargaining, voting and finger-pointing to pause and honor a woman who spent her entire life giving back. 

Tom Brady and Troy Brown were in attendance, along with lots of other Patriots, past and present. So, too, were Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith. Not to be outdone, Donald Trump and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick were also in attendance.