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NFL Lockout: Owners Approve New CBA, Players Yet To Vote

The NFL Lockout could be over in a matter of hours. Owners approved a new CBA by a vote of 31-0 (with the Oakland Raiders abstaining), meaning that it's all up to the players association to approve, and then football will return.

For the New England Patriots, team president Jonathan Kraft was in attendance in place of his father and team owner Robert Kraft, who is morning the loss of his wife Myra Hiatt Kraft, who passed away at age 68 on Wednesday.

The Patriots owners and players have had a strong presence all throughout the lockout. The antitrust lawsuit filed by the players against the owners lists two Patriots players - Tom Brady and Logan Mankins - as plaintiffs.

Mankins was reportedly holding up a new deal early on Thursday, as reports surfaced citing that he had demanded $10 million or unrestricted free agency in order for him to sign off on the new CBA.

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