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NFL Lockout: Logan Mankins, Vincent Jackson Reportedly Holding Up Possible Agreement

With an end to the 2011 NFL Lockout on the horizon, the NFL owners will send the proposed new Collective Bargaining Agreement to the ten plaintiffs in the aforementioned Brady v. NFL antitrust lawsuit.  While most players are ready to go back to work, two players involved in the case aren't quite satisfied with the settlement.

According to Mike Freeman of CBS SportsNew England Patriots guard Logan Mankins and San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, two plantiffs in the case, will not sign their names without being compensated 10 million dollars by the NFL in a possible settlement.

Mankins and Jackson are still asking for $10 million each and this is slowing the process, the source explained. Jackson has denied he is seeking compensation. And just to be clear: Mankins and Jackson are not themselves asking for the money. Lawyers representing them are. The lawsuit against the NFL cannot be settled until all the plaintiffs agree and as of late Wednesday night, the source said, Mankins and Jackson were still seeking payment. The NFL, thus far, refuses to agree. (via CBS Sports

In a report from Yahoo! Sports on Monday, Mankins and Jackson stated that if they were not both awarded 10 million dollars, that they would demand to be come unrestricted free agents. Both appear poised to get their money either way.

This isn't the first time that Mankins and Jackson have expressed displeasure with their current situations. Last season, Mankins held out from the Patriots for the entire months of September and October before singing a one-year tender with the team in early November. Jackson meanwhile was suspended by the Chargers for the first three games of the season due to conduct issues.

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