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Patriots Are Sixth-Most Valuable Franchise In Sports

According to a report from Forbes, the New England Patriots are the sixth-most valuable team in sports

Despite having the highest price for tickets in the NFL, demand continues to increase from Pats fans looking for a chance to watch their  favorite team, fueled in part by the team's on-field success, in part by their winning tradition and in part by Tom Brady's hair. 

The Patriots are valued at $1.37 billion by Forbes, just behind Real Madrid ($1.45 billion) and ahead of Arsenal ($1.19 billion).

Not surprisingly, Manchester United is the most valuable franchise in sports, with a value of $1.86 billion. The Dallas Cowboys ($1.81 billion) are a close second, and the New York Yankees ($1.7 billion) are third. 

The Yankees are worth 86% more than baseball's second most valuable team, the Boston Red Sox. 

The Washington Redskins ($1.55 billion) are fourth overall, with Real Madrid rounding out the top five.