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NFL Lockout: Eagle-Tribune Report Indicates Lockout Could Be Nearing End

After 86 long, football-less days, the NFL Lockout may finally be nearing its end. A report from Bill Burt of the Eagle-Tribune indicated that an NFL source said that the owners and players are close to reaching an agreement to bring the lockout to a close.

According to an the source, owners and players were close to an agreement today to end the lockout, which entered its 86th day today.

Some coaches and players have been contacted about returning to work probably early next week and as soon as this weekend. (via Eagle-Tribune)

The two sides have been meeting secretly in Manhattan, New York for the past three days. Patriots owner Robert Kraft, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and Judge Arthur Boylan were all reportedly in attendance.

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