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Brett Lockett-Kim Kardashian Relationship Confirmed By Patriots' Safety

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Brett Lockett, a safety for the New England Patriots, confirmed to that he is currently in a relationship with model and actress Kim Kardashian. The rumor of Kardashian and Lockett's relationship was apparently set to run in a tabloid publication.

"I'm saying the story in the tabloid is true, and that my relationship with Kim is true as well," Lockett told "The story was going to be run whether I liked it or not. I don't know how [In Touch caught wind of the story]. I don't know any of that. But all I know is they contacted me saying they knew about my relationship with Kim. I told them, I said, 'I don't know how you got hold of it. I don't know anything about what you're talking about.' They said, 'We're going to run it whether you like it or not. Do you have anything to say because Kim and their publicists are going to be able to make a statement?' Either I could have said nothing, and just let it be and then have me look crazy, or I could have told them the full truth and let it be written as told. So that's exactly what I did." (via

Lockett, a 6'1", 210-pound defensive back out of UCLA, played in six games with the Patriots in 2009.

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