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Taking Stock Of The Patriots Players Appearing On NFL Players' and Peter King's Top 100 List

With not much to write about this past few months while the NFL lockout drags on, the NFL Network has slowly been rolling out its list of the Top 100 NFL Players as voted on by over 400 players. Peter King, who also has less fodder than usual for his columns, decided to put together his own list. Here's both lists from No. 100 to No. 41.

Let's take a quick look at which New England Patriots players have made the cut so far:

NFL Network Players' List:

Wes Welker = No. 50

Jerod Mayo = No. 62


Peter King's List:

Jerod Mayo = No. 51

Logan Mankins = No. 56

Wes Welker = No. 59

Devin McCourty = No. 75


  • First of all, let's just all agree that Devin McCourty won't be appearing in the top 40 picks of either list. That's not to say McCourty isn't deserving of being 75th in King's list. The CB out of Rutgers was outstanding last season as a rookie and his play was a big reason why the Pats defense helped propel the team to an impressive streak of blowout wins in the second half of the season.
  • It's just not a surprise that the players aren't too inclined to include rookies in their list. Heck, ROY winner Ndamukong Suh didn't even crack the top 50, and Sam Bradford didn't make the cut.
  • Obviously King shows the Pats some love with his list, but I don't like Mayo being higher ranked than Brian Urlacher. Though King doesn't clearly state his judging criteria, he does mention in a recent column that age is a factor for him. So why place the year 33-old Urlacher over the 25-year old Mayo? Sure, Urlacher's been great over the course his career, and he had a nice bounce-back season in 2010 after missing all but one game in 2009. But Mayo, the NFL's leading tackler a year ago, has another five years minimum of playing at the highest possible level whereas Urlacher is definitely in the twilight of his career.
  • Obviously Tom Brady will be making an appearance in the top 40. He might even occupy the top spot in King's list (something tells me though that Brady's peers won't be voting him No. 1). Who else though do you think might crack the list? Vince Wilfork? Mankins in the players' top 40? We'll see.