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NFL Lockout: Owners, Players Meet In Boston Wednesday, Thursday

The NFL Lockout enters its 102nd day on Wednesday, and the owners and players are set to continue their talks, this time doing so in Boston.

The secret meetings between the two sides have been taking place at various locations across the country, including Chicago and New York City. The location Wednesday's meeting is unknown, as is the progress of the negotiations.

Cautious expectations on the two sides reaching an agreement in principle are varied, ranging from one-to-three weeks with the hopes of beginning a new league year (free agency, etc.) by mid-July. (via ESPN Boston)

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the owners on Tuesday that in the next proposed plan, players would receive a 48 percent share of "all revenue." In addition, the players' share would never dip below a 46.5 percent share.

In the previous collective bargaining agreement, players received approximately 60 percent of "total revenue" but that did not include $1 billion that was designated as an expense credit off the top of the $9 billion revenue model. Owners initially were seeking another $1 billion in credit only to reduce that amount substantially before exercising the lockout on March 13. (via ESPN Boston)

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