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Bill Belichick Tops Forbes' List Of Highest-Paid Coaches In Sports

Bill Belichick is now the highest paid coach in professional sports, according to a Forbes report. Belichick brings home an estimated annual salary of $7.5 million. How's that for value?

Belichick now takes home more money than any coach in the four major North American sports leagues--some $7.5 million a year, we estimate. The Patriots have never publicly confirmed Belichick's contract details, but industry pundits have little doubt that the long-term extension he signed in 2007 is north of the roughly $7 million annually that Mike Holmgren was getting from the Seattle Seahawks(via    

The top spot was previously inhabited by Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, but the longtime Lakers and Bulls coach retired at the end of this season. 

If Belichick is indeed the highest paid coach in professional sports at $7.5 million per season, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers may be near the top as well after inking a five year deal worth a reported $35 million ($7 million per season).