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Patriots' Ty Warren Will Receive Degree From Texas A&M On Friday

After he was placed on the season-ending IR to begin the 2010 NFL season, New England Patriots defensive end Ty Warren made his time off from football very productive by going back to school and completing his college education.

The 30-year-old Warren will receive his Bachelor's degree in sports management at the Texas A&M graduation ceremonies on Friday , and in doing so will become the first member of his family to graduate from college, a personal accomplishment for him. 

"It could be a big smile on my face or it might be tears of joy," said the 30-year-old Warren, who has been with the Patriots since he was selected in the first round of the 2003 draft. "It's a big accomplishment for me." (via ESPN Boston)

Warren has his sights set on next season, but he plans to continue his education and earn a masters degree in sports management in hopes that he can become an assistant athletic director after his playing career. All throughout his journey, Warren hasn't regretted one single thing.

"I'd do it 100 times over again," he said. "When I was at the stadium, of course it's about football, but I also speak to everyone at the facility -- from the janitor all the way up. No matter who I was having a conversation with, we were all assessing our situation with the lockout. The writing was pretty much on the wall, which made it a pretty logical decision. The decision wasn't solely based on that, but it made it easier."