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NFL Draft 2011: Where Will BC's Mark Herzlich Be Drafted?

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The simple answer to the question in the headline is, well, no one knows for sure. Mark Herzlich, a senior linebacker at Boston College, has overcome so much in the past few years at Boston College, and by all accounts should transition into a quality linebacker at the next level.

Naturally, teams and scouts are worried that Herzlich's bout with Ewing's Sarcoma took some of his speed, and based on his 40 times, that's a valid concern. However, having been around Herzlich for the past year, it's clear that he is willing to put in as much work as he possibly can to become a standout linebacker.

Yet, we again return to the question: where will Herzlich be drafted? We know it won't be the first round, considering that it's over and done with, and some experts speculate that Herzlich could be drafted as high as the second round.

BC Soaring to Glory, a Boston College sports blog, examines the case of Herzlich, bringing in some outside perspective.

NESN writer Jeff Howe believes Herzlich to be the top sleeper in the draft this season. Perhaps this is a little bit of home cooking, or perhaps it isn't, but whatever team selects Herzlich is going to get a hard-nosed player. We know, his 2010 football form wasn't the same as the Herzlich of old, but it was still good enough to warrant him serious looks from NFL teams. The Chicago Tribune is also high on Herzlich, saying that he could be quite the "mid-to-late-round steal" if he is able to improve upon his senior season at BC and turn back the clock. (via BC Soaring)

Of course, given the local connection, there's always the possibility that Herzlich could land with the Patriots.

So, where might this fine young man land? We'll take a further look at the mock drafts next week, of course, but for those of you in the Patriots fan circle, you may be able to root for Herzlich even longer. WEEI maintains that Mark is high on the list of late-round possibilities. After all, who doesn't want to root for the hometown hero?

Yet in the end, even BC Soaring couldn't give a definitive answer exactly when Herzlich will go. With that being the case, keep your eyes and ears out for Herzlich at this weekend's draft.