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2011 NFL Draft: Bill Parcells' Draft Board

He may not be part of the Miami Dolphins any more, but Bill Parcells is still a big part of football. Or, perhaps more accurately, football is still a big part of Bill Parcells. As such, ESPN will air "Bill Parcells' Draft Confidential" Tuesday night. It's a 90-minute special with Parcells explaining teams' draft philosophies, player grades, draft boards and trade scenarios.

In a preview released on, Parcells gave insight on how a team sets up its internal draft board:

"It's usually quiet," Parcells told host Mike Tirico. "The board is usually pretty well set. You may be making minor adjustments, but there's only a few people in on that final process: the GM, maybe the head coach, maybe like myself, when I was an executive in the organization. But that's it."

During said clip, you can catch some shots of Parcells' draft board, and the guys over at Pats Pulpit, using some handy detective work (read: lots of pausing), were able to get the whole thing. See it after the jump.


1st: Newton, Gabbert

2nd: Mallett, Ponder, Locker

3rd: Dalton, Kaepernick



1st: Green, Jones

2nd: Smith, Cobb, Young

3rd: Hankerson, Baldwin, Pettis, Jernigan, Gates (?)

Parcells has BC's Anthony Castonzo as his third first-round offensive tackle, and at defensive end, a position the Patriots are projected to draft, he has Wisconsin's J.J. Watt as the best prospect.

Of course, this all assumes it is not just a studio prop.