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NFL Lockout Ruling To Come Wednesday, Uncertainty Surrounds Patriots

The NFL Lockout is over! Well, now, wait just one minute. U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson lifted the NFL Lockout on Monday, but the league is requesting a stay to attempt to keep the lockout in motion until they go through their appeals.

Accordingly, Nelson has given the players until Wednesday morning to reply to the league's request for a stay.

U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson has given the players until 9 a.m. Central time Wednesday to reply to the league's expedited motion for a stay that would freeze her decision pending further appeals.

In plain English? This ruling means that we won't know for sure whether or not the lockout is over until Wednesday.

As expected, since the lockout is officially lifted for a day, players have started trickling into team facilities. Yet that hasn't been the case at Gillette Stadium. As of this morning, no Patriots players have shown up (via Boston Globe).

As of 9:45 a.m., no players had arrived at Gillette Stadium, according to Patriots director of communications Stacey James.

Yet in this day and age, it seems like there's always a conflicting report. In this case, there are reports surfacing that some Patriots players have reported to Gillette, but they are unconfirmed (via Boston Globe).

While there were reports that some Patriots players had arrived at Gillette Stadium, those reports have not been confirmed.

Around the league, a smattering of players have shown up for work at their respective stadiums. In Washington, two Redskins players reported to the team facilities, one of which was wide receiver Anthony Armstrong.

"It was a little weird," receiver Anthony Armstrong said. "It felt like you were sneaking into the club or something like that, and they knew you weren't supposed to be in there but they hadn't done anything about it yet. Just a little awkward."

He said he would call other teammates to let them know there wasn't much reason to show up.

"It was not a scene or nothing," Alexander said. "I do have a workout bonus, and since the lockout is lifted out, I wanted to make sure I took full advantage to come up here and work out because I don't want some technicality to happen later: 'You didn't show up. You didn't come.' And then I'm out of my workout bonus."

We'll have our concrete answer on the lockout Wednesday morning, but until then, everyone involved will be covered by a cloud of uncertainty.