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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Peter King Says Patriots Should Take J.J. Watt

We're already addressed Boston College's OT Anthony Castonzo going to the Buffalo Bills with the No. 3 overall pick in Peter King's 2011 mock draft. With the draft now just one week away -- despite the current lockout and possibility that there won't even, ya know, be a season -- let's look at who King sees the New England Patriots taking with their two first-round picks. 

In King's mock draft, he offers both who he thinks the team will take, as well as who the team should take (sometimes they're the same player). For the Patriots' first pick, the No. 17 overall selection, King has Bill Belichick drafting Florida G/C Mike Pouncey, but says they should take Wisconsin's J.J. Watt. 

Watt's a speedy, versatile defensive end who'd allow Vince Wilfork to move back inside where he belongs. Pouncey? He's a Day One starting guard, with the ability to someday replace Dan Koppen (32 in September) at center if need be. Either of these picks would make the Patriots better immediately. I give them Pouncey because of the interior-line urgency and the Urban Meyer/Bill Belichick connection.

King then predicts that if quarterbacks start to go quickly, the Patriots will trade their No. 28 pick away to the Tennessee Titans, who will use it to take FSU's Christian Ponder (although he says they should draft Nevada's Colin Kaepernick.