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2011 NFL Mock Draft: J.J. Watt, Danny Watkins Latest Patriots Projections

The Patriots are projected to take defensive end J.J. Watt and offensive guard Danny Watkins in the first round according to SB Nation's most recent mock draft.

J.J. Watt is emerging as the popular pick for New England as the draft draws closer, and it's not hard to see why. A big defensive lineman who primarily spent his time with the Wisconsin Badgers in the opposition's backfield, Watt seems to bring the team exactly what they need in the pass rush. Add in that, by all accounts, he's a big character guy, living his life by a motto of "dream big, work hard," and you've got what looks like a perfect player for Bill Belichick.

But if you ask Pats Pulpit, this is not a match made in heaven, for the simple fact that Watt doesn't seem to fit into the Patriots' system:

I see a player abandoning his lane who doesn't have a final burst to reach the ball carrier. Without a second burst, I see his pass rushing ability becoming less effective against greater competition. I see a player who will struggle against the run if he's expected to watch two gaps and who won't flourish in the Patriots' defense. 

Behind Watt, the Patriots are expected to target Danny Watkins, a top offensive lineman out of Baylor. A former hockey player and firefighter, Watkins hasn't even been in football all that long despite being 26-years-old. It hasn't taken him long to pick up the game, though, and with his size and personality--again, he fits into the Bill Belichick mold of hard workers and strong character--he could go a long way towards replenishing the Patriots' depleted offensive line.