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Randy Moss Drawing Interest From New York Jets

Randy Moss has made it clear that his heart is with the New England Patriots, but ever since the controversial wide receiver talked his way out of town, it doesn't appear that the feeling is mutual for the Patriots. Yet one of New England's top rivals, the New York Jets, have made it known that they have interest in the former Patriot.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan praised Moss last month, noting that he is a "great vertical receiver." The move could be very beneficial for New York, according to Vic Carrucci of

According to multiple league insiders, the interest the Jets have in Moss is twofold. One, it could help them weather the very real possibility of losing at least one of their three free-agent receivers: Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith. Two, it would keep Moss from returning to the Patriots, whom he is known to want to re-join.  

Even if the interest between Moss and the Jets is mutual, neither team can act on it and work out a contract until the end of the current lockout, which prohibits teams from signing free agents.

Moss, who played with the Patriots from 2007 through the beginning of the 2010 season, had 259 receptions for 3,904 receiving yards and 50 touchdowns, 23 of which he caught during a record-breaking season in 2007.