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PHOTO: Tom Brady Has A Ponytail, Awkward Encounter With Ronaldinho

How was your weekend? Take care of some spring cleaning? Tend to some yard work? Enjoy a few beers? Cool, cool. That all sounds great, just great. So, you probably knew this already, but Tom Brady's weekend was (once again) more interesting than yours (tends to happen when you're a millionaire married to a supermodel, we suppose). 

First off, he spent the weekend with Gisele at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, during which he showed off his new hairstyle, which now includes a ponytail. 


Later, he shared a super awkward handshake with world-famous soccer player Ronaldinho. 

(jump ahead to the 55-second mark)

All in all, quite the productive weekend for Brady. 

Oh, and he did all this while sporting an Oral-B shirt. As you do. 


Photos via Just Jared

(HT: Shutdown Corner and Dirty Tackle)