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NFL, NFLPA Agree To 24-Hour Extension To Avoid Lockout (For Now)

According to multiple reports, the NFL Players Association and the NFL have agreed to a 24-hour extension in their on-going negotiations. Considering the deadline for he current CBA was 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, this is considered great news for those who want an NFL season in 2011. 

Well, maybe it's just good news -- popular thinking seems to indicate that the two sides won't be able to actually accomplish in the 24-hour window and that it likely is just being put in place so the two sides have time to hammer out a longer extension. But that still would be good news, too, because it would indicate that both sides feel there is a reason to keep discussing now. 

Reportedly, it was the owners who pushed for the extension, which may indicate that they are doing their part to avoid a court battle. If the two side cannot reach an agreement, or if they can't work on a longer agreement, the players union is expected to decertify before the CBA expires. which could then lead to a legal battle between the player and the owners.