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Brandon Meriweather Present At Shooting, According To OC Sheriff's Office

Earlier on Thursday, news broke that Brandon Meriweather was being accused of shooting two men last month in Florida. At the time, the Orange County Sheriff's Office had no record of Meriweather being connected to any crime. But now, the Orlando Sentinel has learned that the two injured men from Apopka are saying they were indeed shot by Meriweather, according to their lawyer, John Morgan. 

Moreover, the Sheriff's Office now confirms that "William Brandon Meriweather, among others, has been identified as being present during a shooting." The case is still being investigated, and no charges have been filed. 

The two victims are identified as Nico Stanley, 23, and Quentin Taylor, 24. 

Meriweather has hired his own attorney who issued the following statement: "I am aware of the investigation. We are doing our own investigation."