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Brandon Meriweather's Legal Guardian On Shooting Allegations: 'It's Not True'

Following Deadspin's report that an attorney, John Morgan, is alleging Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather shot two men in Florida last month -- an incident about which Morgan admits to having "a lot of doubt" of Meriweather's involvement -- an Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman told Thursday morning that Meriweather is not currently part of any investigation:

"Mr. Meriweather is not officially listed on any police report at this point. There is an ongoing investigation into that incident, but I can tell you he's not listed at this point. We are having meetings on a number of issues this morning, but nothing as of this time."

Additionally, the Boston Herald's Ian Rapoport spoke with Tim Bridges, Meriweather's legal guardian and the man who raised him, who said of the allegations: "It's not true."

"I'm sure the attorneys will handle whatever needs to be handled," Bridges said. "‘Everything will come out if there's anything to come out. But statements have been given by the Orange County Sheriff's Department that Brandon Meriweather is not a victim, nor a person of interest in any shooting."

Bridges added that he is not worried about Morgan's allegations, saying his only concern is that "this type of publicity has the potential to damage [Meriweather's] career." When asked what kind of recourse Meriweather had, Bridges replied, "Defamation of Character."

The team issues their own statement as well Thursday morning: "We are aware of the reported allegation, but do not have any additional information."