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Super Bowl Recipes: Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

Right away: this is not my recipe. We will have more Super Bowl recipes throughout the weekend here in this StoryStream, but I'd regret not taking the time to direct you over to the culinary mastery at Sarah Sprague's Ultimate Football Foodie Super Bowl Recipe Guide for Steelers-Packers Party 2011

For the past 28 days, Sprague has featured a new recipe in preparation for the Super Bowl, perfect for any party, and prepared with the actual game in mind: 

Many of them can either be made - or at least prepped for cooking - ahead of time, which is important when you need to be focused on football and not your food. If you root around the archives some you'll find some cocktails and beer recommendations, but aside of the Suffering Bastard, I've gotten away from doing football and beer recommendations so you're on own there. Buy a beer that says "Stone" "Dogfish" "Bell" "Lagunitas" or "Pliny the Elder" in its name.

In addition to that bit of excellent beer advice, the collection features everything from Hot Pastrami Reuben Dip to Spicy Peanut Butter Honey Chicken Fingers to a personal favorite, Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

My brother made these for the Jets-Patriots game a few weeks ago, and they were the best part of the day (clearly). As I e-mailed Sarah the other day, I do not like mushrooms. I don't like mushrooms to the point that I will eat around them if they're on my plate. It's a texture thing. But I couldn't stop eating the pizza stuffed goodness. 



If you are in need of a bite-sized bit of deliciousness for your Super Bowl XLV party, look no further than Sarah Sprague's Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms