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2011 NFL Draft: Bill Belichick Says Patriots Have Received 'A Couple Of Offers' For Picks

The New England Patriots have three of the first 33 picks in the 2011 NFL Draft, including two in the first round: picks No. 17 (via the Oakland Raiders) and No. 28, their own selection. But Bill Belichick and company are well-known for packing their picks to trade for positions lower in the draft, and 2011 may be no exception. 

After winning the AP NFL Coach of the Year award, Belichick was talking with NFL Network's Mike Lombardi and indicated that already New England is receiving trade offers from other teams. 

"We've already had a couple offers on them. We'll see what happens. We'll do whatever we can to improve the team, whether that's move up, move down, or stay where we are, and just try to add more players and more depth to our roster."

Pats Pulpit is most interested to see what happens with pick No. 33, the first pick of the second round. 

The pick that interests me most in terms of trades is #33. Last year, Bill Belichick spoke about the day between rounds one and two, and the trade dynamics that could be in play at the top of round two. With the Patriots having the 1st overall pick of the "second first round," there certainly should be trade options available. The offers could get especially intriguing should a top quarterback, such as Washington's Jake Locker, slip to that second round. A quarterback needy team may give up a lot of ammo for that 33rd pick to ensure that they get Locker or another quarterback in the fold.