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Tom Brady Acknowledges Foot Surgery From 10 Days Ago

Tuesday night, Tom Brady not only won the AP Offensive Player of the Year award. He also acknowledged for the first time the surgery he had to repair a stress fracture in his foot nearly two weeks ago.

In an interview with NFL Network, Brady admitted to having surgery, and talked about how he dealt with the pain throughout the season.  

"I had surgery about a week ago ... actually, about 10 days ago. It's just something that's been lingering a little bit. Over the course of the season, a lot of players throughout the league, a lot of players on our team deal with these type of injuries. I think ... part of having a little bit of mental toughness is putting those things aside and still going out and trying to perform your best, you know, each week. I have a great training staff and my friend Alex [Guerrero] that works with me weekly. So I'm in great hands and they were able to get me out on the field feeling good and I was able to go out there and help our team win the AFC East, which we're all very proud of."

Brady is expected to be ready in time for this summer's training camp. 

His AP Offensive Player of the Year honors are the second of his career -- Brady was both the AP Offensive Player of the Year and MVP for the 2007 season.