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Jerod Mayo Fined $25,000 For Hit On Colts' Dan Orlovsky

The NFL announced on Friday that New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo has been fined $25,000 after a hit he put on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky last Sunday afternoon

Mayo struck Orlovsky "in the head and neck area", which constitutes a standard $25,000 fine by the league. During the game, the officiating crew did not see anything especially wrong with the hit and did not penalize Mayo for his actions, but the league felt otherwise about the manner.

The play itself (which can be seen here) clearly shows Mayo's helmet making contact with Orlovsky's. While Orlovsky went unharmed, the league seemed to feel otherwise and came down hard on Mayo because of it. The Mayo hit last Sunday is just another example of several questionable fines the NFL has put out this season for hits on "defenseless players". It doesn't appear that they will be letting up anytime soon

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