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Super Bowl Saturday 2011, CMass DI: Leominster Defeats St. John's, 21-6

In today's title game for the Central Mass. Division 1 high school football championship Leominster gained the early momentum with a goal-line stand on defense. They were able to hold St. John's on two consecutive downs from the five-yard line and later took a 6-0 lead. The first quarter ended with Leominster leading 6-0.

The first score of the game came on a trick play, a wide receiver pass, for a 44-yard touchdown. The second quarter was also dominated by Leominster, who put together a nearly 10-minute, 19-play drive to end the half. They scored on a play action rollout with six seconds remaining in the half, and converted the two-point conversion to enter half leading 14-0.

Leominster scored again late in the third to make it 21-0. St. John's finally got on the board with a touchdown in the fourth, but couldn't amount much more against a stout Leominster defense. The final score of the game was 21-6. The now 10-3 Leominster Blue Devils are Central Mass. DI champs.  

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