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Patriots Vs. Dolphins Score Update: Dolphins Pull Within Three With Late Touchdown

It's not over yet. Taking just one minute to drive down the field, the Dolphins are back in the game after a beautiful touchdown catch from Davone Bess.

The Patriots' defense has had trouble closing out games for much of the season, and after pitching a shutout for the first 27 minutes of the second half, today proved no different. After Devin McCourty had picked up his first interception of the year, he found himself burned again thanks in part to an all-out blitz that left him with no help at all against Brandon Marshall. The deep ball brought the Dolphins all the way to the Patriots' 40-yard line, and just four plays later Davone Bess made a beautiful diving catch in the end zone to bring the Dolphins back within three.

The Dolphins have elected to kick it deep to the Patriots, who were lucky to have the ball bounce into the end zone for a touchback instead of dying just outside. Now they'll need just one first down to ice the game.