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Patriots Vs. Dolphins Score Update: Patriots Up 27-17 Three Minutes From Completing Huge Comeback

The Patriots are just three minutes away from leaving their fans with a nice present for the holiday season. A late touchdown from Tom Brady--his second one of the game on the ground--has New England up 10 points after a first half which saw them completely outclassed by the Dolphins.

Starting from the 40-yard line, the Patriots put on a three man show with Tom Brady finding Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker twice a piece to get the ball into the red zone. While Stevan Ridley wouldn't manage to find the zone, gaining eight yards from some plays which could have proved disastrous, he did bring the Patriots close enough that Tom Brady could again simply push it into the end zone behind the offensive line for the touchdown.

New England is in good shape now, but the Dolphins are driving, and the defense has had trouble closing out games in the past. It isn't over just yet.