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Patriots Vs. Dolphins Score Update: Patriots Sieze 20-17 Lead On Field Goal

20 straight points later, and the Patriots have taken their first lead of the game in the fourth quarter.

While it ended the run of touchdowns for New England, the Patriots' drive was actually the most impressive of the four on which they've scored. Starting on their own two after Devin McCourty nabbed his first interception of the year on an underthrown deep ball, Tom Brady once again went to work.

Rob Gronkowski was the man who got the Pats out from their own end zone, bowling through four different defenders before finally being brought down after a 20-yard gain. Wes Welker and a Brady scramble combined to get the Pats another first down, before Stevan Ridley took off up the left sideline for 16 more.

Now at midfield, a false start set the Patriots up with a 2nd-and-15, leaving them in need of a big play. They found one, as Tom Brady made an absolutely perfect pass to Wes Welker's inside shoulder--an impossible to defend play that grabbed 42 yards and a big first down.

Unfortunately, the rest of the passes weren't quite so pretty, and the pressure finally made its way to Tom Brady on a 3rd-and-10 play, leading to a sack and forcing the field goal.

Only three points, but given where they were after the first half, that 20-17 lead looks very attractive right now.