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Patriots Vs. Dolphins Score Update: Whole New Ball Game In Foxborough

From 17-0 to 17-17, the Patriots have come all the way back thanks to, above all else, a strong defensive performance in the second half.

While the last Patriots touchdown came thanks to a Dolphins fumble, the Patriots would have to settle for a punt this time around. While Matt Moore once again lost the ball as pressure hit him, this time the Dolphins were able to hold onto it to give their punter a shot.

All that ended up doing, however, was giving the Patriots' defense some extra time on the bench. With a very short punt setting New England up just 41 yards from the end zone, Welker gained seven yards on an end around and then left it to Tom Brady. Three quick passes had the Pats 13 yards out, Stevan Ridley picked up 12 of them on his next two runs, and then Brady himself rolled his way past the goal line for six points. With Stephen Gostkowski putting the extra point through, the Patriots found themselves back on even footing with the Miami Dolphins.