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Patriots Vs. Dolphins Score Update: Patriots Back In It Thanks To Big Fumble

The Patriots' turnover advantage has been their defense's saving grace this season, and facing a big deficit in the third quarter, they've struck gold again. On just his third play from scrimmage in the second half, the Matt Moore found himself facing big pressure, and lost the ball to Vince Wilfork at just the 38-yard line.

Suddenly finding themselves with another scoring opportunity, Tom Brady and the Patriots' offense carried over their momentum from their first scoring drive of the game. Completing four passes on four attempts, Tom Brady brought the Patriots inside of the five yard line. While a second down run from BenJarvus Green Ellis wouldn't bring them in, Brady managed to dodge pressure long enough to find Deion Branch in the back of the end zone for the touchdown.

If you can't feel the momentum shift, you're the only one. The Dolphins have already given up a big loss on their next drive, and are getting ready to give the Pats some great field position. How far away is the tie game?