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Patriots Vs. Dolphins Score Update: Dolphins Take 10-0 Lead Targeting Devin McCourty

The Dolphins have taken a 10-0 lead over the Patriots in the second quarter, and it's not too hard to figure out how they're doing it: targeting Devin McCourty.

After giving up a 39-yard pass during the first drive to Brian Hartline, McCourty decided to spread the love, this time making it all-too-easy for Brandon Marshall, never turning his head around as Marshall took a small hop and came down with a 47-yard gain bringing the team all the way from the 32-yard line to the New England 20. Just two plays later, and Moore found Brandon Marshall with a bullet to the end zone for the touchdown.

The Patriots, meanwhile, are struggling to keep Tom Brady on his feet. With Matt Light already a late scratch, the Pats were already thin on the offensive line. Now, they're without Logan Mankins for the time being, as the big guard came off the field when a Dolphins player rolled up on his ankle. With Brady constantly hurried, the offense hasn't had much of a chance to get going.