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Chad Ochocinco: I'm Happy With Patriots

Chad Ochocinco hasn't done much of anything with the Patriots this season. Still, the wide receiver is happy to be with the New England Patriots. Why not? If you're going to do nothing, you might as well do it on a good team, right?

Asked if it's been a trying season, Ochocinco said, "No, not at all. It's a team game, it's not an individual game. Everything is based off individual numbers and everybody wants to look at the stats, but it is what it is. We're 11-3 and I'm happy." (via Boston Globe)

Ochocinco's attitude is definitely a good one. At least he isn't complaining about his lack of involvement, which makes sense if he's the one who's to blame. Still, Ocho's numbers certainly leave much to be desired. In 13 games, Ochocinco has 14 receptions for 261 yards and one -- count 'em, one -- touchdown catch.

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