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Patriots Or Bruins? Which Team Is The Best In Boston Right Now?

Both the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins are playing very, very well right now. Tom Brady and the Patriots are 11-3 and sitting atop the AFC and AFC East with only two games to go in the regular season. Meanwhile, Zdeno Chara and the Bruins have won five in a row and are also sitting atop their conference (the Eastern Conference).

So which team is the best in the city?

Only in Boston can we take two successful teams and pit them against each other for supremacy. Why? Well, because it's Boston, where we only breed winners. Anything less than a championship is not acceptable. Right now, both the Patriots and Bruins are looking like they have a shot at bringing home yet another title.

Let your voices be heard and vote in our poll! Tell us who is better - the three-time Super Bowl champs or the six-time Stanley Cup Champs!

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